Writing Assignment #4

Construction started last year 2014. The demolishing of buildings started July, 2014 according to The Daily Chronicle. The $27.4 million Stevens Building project has come to a grinding halt on the Northern Illinois University campus on June 30, 2015, this is another casualty of the state budget impasse.There was disagreements on the budget in the middle of the project here at NIU and also other university in the state of Illinois

The university had been expecting to start using the new Stevenson Building in fall 2016. The upgrades was supposed to add 400 seats to the new auditorium. The auditorium is to include state of the art technology.

The Stevens Building is expected to have upgrades to its heating, cooling and ventilation system along with new up to date plumbing and electrical system. The Department of Anthropology and the School of Theatre and Dance was stationed in that building for students under those majors.

People around campus are very upset that the construction isn’t in motion and that its not completed yet. According to Matthew Sims French Professor, “Lack of state funding is a disappointment. It shouldn’t happen this way if money is approved then it should be completed”.



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