Assignment 3 10-day Headcount- “Man on the Street Interview”

NIU- According to NIU Today One year retention rate for freshmen is at 72% currently one percent higher than last year. Also the retention rate grew five percent for the fall 2013 freshmen class in the two years since then. Niu has been trying to improve the international rate. There are 321 international which represents a 48% increase. Enrollment in total for NIU is 20,130 students.

U-of-I Champaign- According to College Factual One year retention rate is 94%. Also according to Start Class the quality of students that are accepted is mostly in the top 50 in their graduating class. There enrollment is 44,942 students

EIU- According to Start Class the total enrollment is 9,775 students and the quality of students accepted in this university is that you needed between a 2.5-2.9 grade point average and a twenty-one on your ACT score. EIU retention rate 79% according to College Factual


Brianna Powers- Psychology Major reason for coming to NIU was because of her family. She had plans on attending school out of the state but her family wanted her to stay close. “This makes me feel good as a student to know that students are coming with higher GPA and ACT Stores”, Powers said. “I think that administration needs to change their tactics on how they recruit students”. She believes that they need better recruitment because 600 students came during the summer and only 200 students stayed.


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