Writing Assignment 6

The DeKalb County State Attorney has the responsibility for prosecuting violations of criminal laws of the State of Illinois. The attorney gives legal advice to all County Officials and Represent the County in all actions where the County’s officials or employees are a party.

The State Attorney’s Office professional staff includes twelve Assistant State’s Attorneys and nine support staff. The State’s Attorney’s staff is present in four courtrooms on a daily basis and routinely appears in branch court in DeKalb and Sandwich.

The cases handled by the State’s Attorney’s office include felony and misdemeanor criminal matters, traffic, juvenile detention and prosecution, juvenile abuse and neglect, interstate reciprocal child support and public aid cases, mental health, advice to government officials and tax collection.


Richard Schmack has been a practicing attorney for 31 years, the last 27 here in Sycamore.

Question 1: What would you change in the County of DeKalb?

Question 2: What made you want to run for this position?

Public Meeting Assignment

The courtroom like I’ve never seen it before. It was intense from the moment I walked into the Municipal Building to the court room until the moment I left. The meeting took place September 28, 2015. The crowd was very attentive and was interested about one of the topic that was being talked about. Some of them agreed to what was being discussed.

John Rey the mayor of DeKalb accepted a gift from Northern Illinois University to attend a football game in Moscow, Idaho on Saturday, September 14, 2013. The cost of the trip was over $1000 for airline tickets, room, transportation and meals. This trip was free of charge besides the hotel room for the mayor.

The state ethic law limits gifts to $75 per day for meals. The code 8.03 gift ban states that the solicitation or acceptance of gifts prohibited to be solicited or accepted under that Act, by any officer or any employee of the city of DeKalb. Some believe that Mayor Rey doesn’t know what is ethical

This is second discussion for this issue and the person who bought to his attention was called a liar. The person didn’t like the fact that she was called a liar so she bought valuable information to prove that the mayor was wrong for calling her a liar.

There are emails exchanged between the mayor and the President of NIU and other important figures from NIU to John Rey. They have evidence to where you can see that the mayor only had to pay for the room. “The only charges on the bill I gave you were for the room cost”. From Bill Nicklas to John Rey 8/29/2013 5:40 PM  “I’m forwarding your flight information for the Idaho trip. The university has comped the cost”.

This is against ethics that is setup not to happen and its happening and it is happening.dekalb

Writing Assignment #5

At the Study Abroad Fair there was multiple students there in attendance. Johari Dodd a Corporate Communication major talked about studying abroad. She has never studied abroad before but wants to. She would like to go to Barcelona or the Dominican Republic. The interest that Johari has is in study abroad is because you’re surrounded by different people, food, culture and different life. According to Johari, “you get to know people around the world and gain different connections and different views”.


A few things people should know about studying abroad is “it is possible to study abroad a lot assume that its not without knowing there many majors and many countries you can go to” according to Ann Seitzinger Study Abroad Office. The department has been around since 1969. She has stated the advantages are the global economy, global, world, find jobs and be able to put on resume.

Writing Assignment #4

Construction started last year 2014. The demolishing of buildings started July, 2014 according to The Daily Chronicle. The $27.4 million Stevens Building project has come to a grinding halt on the Northern Illinois University campus on June 30, 2015, this is another casualty of the state budget impasse.There was disagreements on the budget in the middle of the project here at NIU and also other university in the state of Illinois

The university had been expecting to start using the new Stevenson Building in fall 2016. The upgrades was supposed to add 400 seats to the new auditorium. The auditorium is to include state of the art technology.

The Stevens Building is expected to have upgrades to its heating, cooling and ventilation system along with new up to date plumbing and electrical system. The Department of Anthropology and the School of Theatre and Dance was stationed in that building for students under those majors.

People around campus are very upset that the construction isn’t in motion and that its not completed yet. According to Matthew Sims French Professor, “Lack of state funding is a disappointment. It shouldn’t happen this way if money is approved then it should be completed”.


Assignment 3 10-day Headcount- “Man on the Street Interview”

NIU- According to NIU Today One year retention rate for freshmen is at 72% currently one percent higher than last year. Also the retention rate grew five percent for the fall 2013 freshmen class in the two years since then. Niu has been trying to improve the international rate. There are 321 international which represents a 48% increase. Enrollment in total for NIU is 20,130 students.

U-of-I Champaign- According to College Factual One year retention rate is 94%. Also according to Start Class the quality of students that are accepted is mostly in the top 50 in their graduating class. There enrollment is 44,942 students

EIU- According to Start Class the total enrollment is 9,775 students and the quality of students accepted in this university is that you needed between a 2.5-2.9 grade point average and a twenty-one on your ACT score. EIU retention rate 79% according to College Factual


Brianna Powers- Psychology Major reason for coming to NIU was because of her family. She had plans on attending school out of the state but her family wanted her to stay close. “This makes me feel good as a student to know that students are coming with higher GPA and ACT Stores”, Powers said. “I think that administration needs to change their tactics on how they recruit students”. She believes that they need better recruitment because 600 students came during the summer and only 200 students stayed.